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July, 1995-June 1996

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  1. Introducing Myself

  2. Never Middle Aged -- at least, not in my mind

  3. Hard Copy -- history in old magazines

  4. Word Child -- growing up on puns and Burma Shave signs and word games

  5. Every Other Inch A Lady -- about my mother, Merle Ewan Bagby

  6. Naming of Books -- some books you buy because you can't resist the title.

  7. Mostly Progress, Maybe (sort of...) -- what we'll gain and what we'll lose with the net

  8. All Reasons Great & Small -- why I am a feminist

  9. On Finally Achieving Perfect Copy -- the perils of spell-check programs

  10. The Good Life -- who I'd like to be when I grow up

  11. O.J. (On Justice)

  12. Waiting for Webster's -- some words we could use

  13. What Genes Have Wrought -- marveling at how my son does and does not resemble me

  14. Light Out -- we don't solve our problems -- we light out for the territory.

  15. Staying on the Map -- the day to day maintenance that keeps us on the map is just as important as building in the first place

  16. Just Stand There...

  17. Remotely Funny -- playing channel-changing roulette

  18. No Government Day -- what would happen if we spent a day with no government of any kind?

  19. Advice For Desperate Men -- how to buy gifts for women

  20. Sensible Lizards -- on names of rock groups

  21. Mindchangers -- the books I read in 1995 that mattered

  22. Tar Baby -- on the odd ways our minds store and remember things.

  23. Draft Dodger -- why Bill Clinton has (and deserves) a bad conscience about not serving

  24. White Whine -- a defense of affirmative action

  25. We Hold These (Small) Truths To Be Self-Evident (to Us) -- my philosophy of life, such as it is

  26. In Praise of Men

  27. Something Amyth -- we need better stories to tell about who Americans are and what we stand for

  28. Naming Names -- on choosing names for children

  29. Target Market -- on direct marketing

  30. Thank The Ludd -- let's not throw away those books and journals just yet

  31. Why Kids -- what's in it for you to have kids?

  32. America in 9 Innings -- on baseball novels

  33. We Will Rock You -- on the poetry and wisdom in rock music lyrics

  34. To Find or Not To Find -- of catalogers, obscure subject headings, and key word searching

  35. Legal Speech, Stupid Speech -- just because you have the right to say it doesn't mean you should

  36. Me and a Book -- how books shaped my life

  37. Flower Children -- my youth in the sixties

  38. Son of Flower Children -- more details

  39. Practical Cat Names -- don't use joke names on your children; that's what you have cats for

  40. AdLib - on what advertising does for and to us