My Word's Worth:

a weekly column of opinion by
Marylaine Block

vol. 2, #25, December, 1996


The Christmas wreaths are on the door
From Noah's, ARK. to Either, OR.,
And God rests merry gentlemen
From Oola, LA to Ballpoint, PENN.

They're making mince and pumpkin pie
In Iain'tgrammatical, R.I.?
And desperately trying to assemble that gizmo
In Proand, CONN and Peptobis, MO.

In Greengrowthelilacs, O.,
They trim the tree and tie the bow.
They set aside their daily cares
This day in Nohitsnorunsno, ARIZ.

In Cockneysdrop, N.H., again,
They're caroling, and in Halfpast, TENN.,
And Water, MAINE, they raise the glass
(They go to church in Early, MASS.)

We wish our friends, both far and near,
A punoply of Christmas cheer,
And from Idon'tknow, WY. to Vita, MINN.,
Best wishes to see the new year in.

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