My Word's

a weekly column by
Marylaine Block
vol.3 #25,
December 22, 1997

"The leaves have fallen from the trees.
They blew away and died.
I guess that's why my human pets
have brought a tree inside.

And then they hung up colored balls
and lovely things that dangle
and colored lights that gleam and glow
and silvery things that spangle.

Such lovely toys for cats to play with,
the stockings! and the wreath!
And boxes wrapped in crinkly paper
piled up underneath.

The paper's just for cats to tear,
ribbons for us to chase.
And the boxes, once they're emptied, make
a snuggly resting place

I think it's sweet each year they give
our furry kind our due,
and deck the halls with kitty toys.
(I hope they have fun, too.)

I hope that as the year goes by,
they too can have such pleasure:
a hearth, a skritch, a skittering squirrel,
warm laps and love to treasure."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

And so do I ( the "human pet,"
the voice you thought you'd hear)
wish you the warmth of Christmas
and a wonder-filled new year.

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