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December 16, 2005

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Christmas Greetings

With McMansions and Hummers
and Great Caravans, and
TVs the size of a barge,
And RVs you could house the
3rd Infantry in, it sure seems
That we love living large.

On the other hand, Blackberries,
Cell phones and I-Pods -- now the
Size of your average spores --
Have led to the world's most
Unlikely boast: that "Mine
Is MUCH smaller than yours."

But the things we most cherish,
That make life worth living,
Have nothing to do with size:
Everyday hugs, and listening, and
Pats on the back, Christmas morn
Seen through little kids' eyes.

Real life's in the middle, not too
Big, not too little, so I hope that
The good Christmas fairy
Brings you an ordinary,
Medium-sized Christmas, and
A super-duper-sized MERRY!

And Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year!

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