Robert Paul Block, age 22


Bob Block, age 3
Bob at about 3, and other pictures from his youth
Bob and Marylaine Block, about 1967
Bob and Marylaine Block, in Bob's parents' home in Skokie, around 1970, and other pictures of us
Bob and Marylaine Block with Bob's mother, Berenice
Bob and Marylaine Block, with Bob's mother, Berenice Block, approximately 1974, and other Block family pictures.
Bob with Underfoot
Bob with our black cat Underfoot, and some of our other cats.
Bob Block with son Brian, who was 3 months old
Bob with Brian, around January, 1974, and other pictures of father and son.
3 photos of Bob Block with an Aardvark renaissance flute
2 photos of Bob with an Aardvark flute; 1 photo of him in front of our house on Linn Street, around 1974.
Bob Block with bike
Bob mid long-distance bike-ride, 1988, and other biking photos.
Bob on a playground frog
Bob with a playground frog in Providence, Rhode Island, 1990, a frog he couldn't take home and add to his collection.
Bob Block and Marjorie Moore outdoors at their wedding
Bob and Marjorie outside the Gale mansion in Minneapolis where they were married, and other wedding photos.
Bob Block getting a lift from his wedding guests
Bob getting a lift from good buddies Jim Darsey and Val Kilmer at the wedding, and other wedding photos.

Bob Block with his mother at his wedding in 1994
Bob with his mother, at his wedding, and other family photos.
Bob and Marjorie Moore in front of their home in Minneapolis
Bob and Marjorie Moore in front of their home in Minneapolis, and other photos of their life together
Bob and collegium colleagues in concert
Bob as a performer