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Books Young Adults Will Enjoy


I've chosen these books because in one way or another they key into certain adolescent preoccupations and developmental tasks -- trying to figure out what is happening to their bodies, trying to separate from and forgive their parents and the entire adult world, trying out different ways of being male or female, figuring out how men and women can relate to each other, etc. But they also respond to sheer zaniness. Young adults often cherish a strong sense of grievance and injustice, and many of these books play into that sense of being unfairly treated, unloved and unappreciated, and that the adult world has made far too many compromises.

NOTE: Some of these books will be out of print, so plan on using your library, or click on Finding Out of Print Books.

Also check out the other reading lists. On the nonfiction list, note in particular the books dealing with animals (Herriot, David Taylor, Charles Goodrum will be especially appealing), with gender roles, with family relationships, and with teaching.

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