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  • The Thriving Library: Successful Strategies for Challenging Times. Information Today, April , 2007

  • Net Effects: How Librarians Can Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet. Information Today, September, 2003.

  • The QUINTessential Searcher: the Wit and Wisdom of Barbara Quint, which I edited. Information Today, 2001.


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  • Library Journal's Movers and Shakers issue, March 15, 2006 (in collaboration with Rachel Singer Gordon).

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  • the Movers and Shakers supplement to Library Journal, March 15, 2004. I wrote 36 of the 50 profiles.

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  • "How To Become a Great Public Space: Marylaine Block Interviews Fred Kent and Phil Myrick of the Project for Public Spaces." American Libraries, April, 2003, 72-76.

  • Movers and Shakers issue of Library Journal, March 15, 2003, I wrote 25 of the profiles, including those for Jeny Levine, Ann Sparanese, Waynn Pearson, Jose Aponte, Anne Coriston, and Mary George/Chris Christman.

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  • "Movers and Shakers." Supplement to Library Journal, March 15, 2002, available online at
    . I wrote 25 of the 51 profiles.

  • "My Rules of Information." Searcher, January, 2002, 61-65, available online at

  • "The Game of the Name." Vocabula Review, November, 2001,

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  • "Winning the Title," which originally appeared as a My Word's Worth column, reprinted in SPAN Connection: the Official Newsletter of the Small Publishers Association of North America, July, 2001.

  • "Beat out by Amazon," which originally appeared in ExLibris, reprinted in The Shy Librarian, Summer, 2001

  • "Keepers of the Flame." American Libraries, June-July, 2001, 65-66.

  • "Words To Be Wise," Vocabula Review, May, 2001, available online at

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  • "Making It Up as I Went Along," Searcher: the Magazine for Database Professionals, October, 1998.

  • "Creating an Internet Collection Development Policy: Principles of Selection." KnowledgeQuest, September/October, 1998.

  • "Becoming a Gatekeeper", in the December, 1996 online edition of Ariadne, a British print and web journal on librarianship and information science, about how I designed and selected links for Where the Wild Things Are: Librarian's Guide to the Best Information on the Net. as BIOTN was originally known.

  • I contributed seven articles to the book Twentieth Century Romance and Gothic Writers (St. James, Gale, 1982).

  • "On the Internet," a weekly feature for the River Bend Library System Newsletter, Current Comment since July of 1996.


  • The Finder's Keepers, a regular column in The CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research.

  • Observing US. My weekly column for Fox News Online which focused on oddities of American culture and politics, ran from April, 1998 to November, 2000. The copyright has reverted to me, and I'm now putting the columns on my own web site.

  • My Word's Worth, born in July, 1995 as a weekly column when I served as the American correspondent for the London Mall Magazine; It's now an occasional column, on my own website. It's where I talk about books, language, rock music, libraries, censorship, the internet, American politics, history and culture, and whatever else I'm mulling over. A complete archive is available on site.

  • Ex Libris
    A weekly e-zine for librarians and information junkies, on which I offer searching tips, and questions and thoughts on research, the net, and the future of libraries. A complete archive is available on site.

  • Neat New Stuff I Found This Week
    In which I select and briefly review ten great informational sites each week. A six month archive is available on site.


  • Land of Why Not: an Appreciation of America. A proposal for a collection of my writings about America.


  • Review: The Visible Librarian: Asserting Your Value with Marketing and Advocacy. Marketing Library Services, 17 #5, September/October, 2003.

  • Review: Super Searchers Make It on Their Own. Free Pint Newsletter, #118, August 8, 2002,

  • Review of Online Communities: Designing Usability, Supporting Sociability." Free Pint #88, May 23, 2001 (

  • Review of The Tipping Point, Free Pint #109, April 4, 2002,

  • Wow! Great Lines from Rock Music. An unpublished quote book of rock music lyrics my son and I edited. Unfortunately, the publishers who liked the idea didn't want to deal with getting all the permissions.

  • Between 1980 and 2002, I contributed about a dozen book reviews a year to Library Journal, specializing in sports novels.

  • An Explanation of the Popularity of Robert G. Ingersoll. My M.A. thesis, University of Iowa, 1968.


  • "Net Effects and the Librarians' Crisis: an Interview with Marylaine Block." The Information Advisor, December, 2003, 3-4.

  • Streitfeld, David. "The In Crowd." Wired, February, 2002,, discusses five providers of prime mailing lists including me.

  • "Magazines, Men, and Music Lyrics: A Conversation with Marylaine Block." Tim Wocjik interviews me at the Librarians and Library Science page of, April 29, 2001.

  • "Webmastery." Gary Price interviews me in the June, 2000 issue of Searcher Magazine

  • "Six Questions," published on WebSearch at on March 17, 2000,

  • "Seven Questions." Thomas Mangan interviews me at, September 15, 1998.

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